do something empowering today.

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Our Story

We noticed something about the pre-workout industry: there's too many low-quality caffeine sources, too much sucralose, and too many ingredients nobody can pronounce. Worst of all—nothing for us coffee lovers.

We set out to change the ready-to-drink pre-workout space for the better. To provide a proven, high-quality caffeine source. To exclude the ingredients formulated in a lab and the ones you've never heard of.

We believe in empowerment

We believe in those who chase their dreams. Those who refuse to settle. Those who ignore the "you shouldn'ts" and "you can'ts". Those who seek out challenges and spend their lives doing what sets their soul on fire.

You should expect as much from your energy source as you do from yourself. Hard-worker, meet UNBARD 🤝 .

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Our Mission

Our goal is to change energy for the better—one drink at a time. We made UNBARD for those who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and put their nose to the grindstone. And for the coffee-obsessed too, of course.

We started our journey in Orlando, Florida in December 2020. Join us on our mission to spread empowered energy and help people live empowered lives.